Ehren Earlywine ’94  of Columbia MO for men’s baseball:

  • As a player:   6 sb’s in 1 game (first year)
  • Hit .463 (2nd year)
  • Set record for assists (10) at SS vs Mizzou (2nd year)
  • Zero strikeouts for the season (3rd year)
  • As a coach:   Assistant Coach to the Legendary Phil Bradley (3 years)
  • Youngest head coach in the country (24) after Phil retired.
  • Won 3 conference championships in 6 years (asst & head coach)     

“My most valuable learning experience at Westminster was the overall environment – The people, culture and next level academics.  I was challenged to the max in the classroom and socially surrounded by people who were much different than what I had grown up around.  At the time, it wasn’t always comfortable, but deep down I knew if I could prevail, the discomfort would make me a better, more well-rounded person. ”