Braves Overwhelm Blue Jays

Braves Overwhelm Blue Jays

The Blue Jays fell to the Ottawa Braves on Saturday 18-0, giving them a record of 0-4 on the season.

With the short bench, Head Coach Scott Fields said, "The team did a better job clearing the ball and played a little more offense."

Jacob Frendenthal stepped up to manage some of the faceoffs since there are many injured players, according to Fields.

Frendenthal also contributed heavily to the Blue Jays' defensive effort. He, along with with midfielder Jacob Gaal, led the team in goals blocked with three each.

Tirso Aquino started in goal for the Blue Jays, making seven saves. 

Offensively, "Ethan Muffett had a great opportunity with a fast break but was unable to capitalize," said Coach Fields.

"We look forward to the next two weeks of hard work in preparation for our next home game", which is next Saturday against Missouri Valley at 3 p.m.