2019-20 Cheerleaders

2019-20 Cheerleaders

The cheerleaders are active members of the athletic department and represent the College throughout the school year. They cheer at home football and men's and women's basketball games. The members of the cheerleading squad practice on a regular basis during the school year and are engaged in a variety of community service and fundraising activities during each academic year.

While the cheerleading squad is visible as a group, the individual members are leaders and scholars in their own right. Many are actively involved in fraternities/sororities, honorary societies, and as spokespeople at major campus events.

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2019-20 Cheerleaders

  Maggie Morris, Senior Captain, Eugene, Mo. / Mary's Home 


 Alayna Stark, Senior, Eldon, Mo. / Eldon

 Madison Gregory, Senior, Chillicothe, Mo. / Chillicothe

 Dakota Nute, Junior, Bevier, Mo. / Bevier

 Tracie Strong, Freshman, Haven, Ark. / Hazen

 Katelyn Freeman, Freshman, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. / Los Osos